The bee keeper (for Dad)

In golden stubbled fields a white box stands sentinel to stringybarks and red gums , the beekeeper has placed it for the eucalypt honey,  smoky distilled pure gold nectar ,  he knows these fields and these flat hills well and bees , he understands and knows the geometry of the cones and the drones that […]

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jasmin lanes

I sit in shafts of sunlight cool clear winter days, wandering wistful paths winding down jasmin lanes. sing sweet refrains on my mellifluous minstrel path, yet always without fail , I wonder where is she now? does she stop and think about me…. CP2018

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I built a fort

I  build a childs fort keep the nasty world away barricade my lounge with pillows hide safe in the deep folds. Walk in wintry cold parks nestle in sprawling roots of majestic Moreton bay figs cover myself with dry leaves pray for the cold cold world just pass me quietly by today. CP 2018

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Those Who

There are those who boldly draw curtains wide  There are those who peep from deep inside checking if all is quiet There are those who I’ve loved deeply never telling them so, there are those who I love deeply and those who instinctively know.   CP 2018    

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Summer binds in blazing fiery hoops Autumn unties and heals the binds with cool whispers makes smooth Winters’ cool road, until the frost fades under Springs warm breath. we are all tied to these patterns the circular seasonal rhythm of life. CP 2018

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One limp arm dangles by my side where you used to stand. So proud so fierce so bona fide, my humerus fractured as I rolled the car too fast.. Lights in your eyes died this is my penance for every day I took your love for granted. CP 2018  

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